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How Defragmentation Software Improves Hard Drive Performance By Craig Jensen

Defragmentation software was created to improve computers’ processing speeds. Software developers have written these programs to restore fragmented files that get scattered over a user’s hard drive over time. The more a computer is used, the worse the scattering—or fragmentation—becomes. Fragmentation can cause a hard drive to operate as much as 30 percent more slowly, according to a study done by Harvard University.

Why does fragmentation occur? It is helpful to think of a hard drive as a bookstore. As people browse, they pull books off of shelves and may put those books back in the wrong location. Over time, more and more books are misplaced and it becomes difficult to find the books. The same process takes place on a hard drive. As users access files and download programs, the files often get put back in the wrong location.

About the Author

A longtime computer programmer, Craig Jensen founded Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly Diskeeper Corporation). The company’s defragmentation software is used by 80 percent of Fortune 1000 enterprises.