I/O Reduction Software as a Performance Enhancing Tool

Condusiv Technologies Corporation pic

Condusiv Technologies Corporation
Image: condusiv.com

A computer programmer for more than four decades, Craig Jensen (http://www.craigjensen.com) leads Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly Diskeeper Corporation) as founder and chairman. Craig Jensen’s company is a global market leader in software-only storage performance solutions that enhance data processing speed, as well as application performance. Condusiv’s V-locity I/O reduction software is a simple solution to I/O inefficiencies which works by optimizing performance at the level of Windows OS and the hypervisor; it is a less expensive and more efficient alternative to hardware solutions which often do not solve the underlying performance issues.

It is all too common for businesses to encounter an “I/O ceiling,” which occurs when the storage infrastructure is insufficient to handle the high-performance needs of applications. In the past, IT administrators would seek out hardware-based solutions that are both more expensive and less efficient than leading edge software approaches. Hardware upgrades can streamline the processing of inefficient I/O profiles, but do not solve the software issues that underlie a large number of performance bottlenecks. The power of I/O reduction software is that it employs dual engines: a DRAM read caching engine, and an engine that sequentializes writes and boosts I/O density. This multifaceted approach is effective in breaking through I/O bottlenecks without disrupting system performance.

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