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A Brief Overview of Condusiv Technologies’ I/O Performance Survey

Condusiv Technologies Corporation pic

Condusiv Technologies Corporation

A computer programmer, Craig Jensen leads Condusiv Technologies Corporation (CTC), formerly known as Diskeeper Corporation. Through his company, Craig Jensen helps improve users’ experience with Windows computers.

Providing software-only storage performance solutions, CTC recently released the results of its survey on input/output (I/O) performance of virtualized storage. The study included participation from 2,654 information technology professionals throughout North America and Europe and analyzed I/O bottlenecks.

The survey found that 77 percent of organizations struggle with I/O performance issues, and one-third third receive customer complaints about slow response time when running MS SQL or Oracle. In past attempts to improve speed and efficiency in data processing, approximately half have invested in new storage area network (SAN) devices, while 27 percent have acquired storage-side solid-state drives (SSDs). However, a vast majority agreed that more budget-friendly I/O reduction software would be an ideal way to ensure applications perform at optimal speeds.

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