Addressing I/O Bottleneck

Condusiv Technologies Corporation pic

Condusiv Technologies Corporation

Craig Jensen is a computer programmer who founded Executive Software, later called Diskeeper and now Condusiv Technologies, in 1981. In 1986, Craig Jensen invented Diskeeper, a defragmentation software that functions to make Windows computers work better. Condusiv Technologies now provides several programming products and services to address common software issues in today’s tech world.

In a recent survey, Condusiv Technologies found that of 2,654 IT professionals across Europe and North America, 77% had issues with their I/O since virtualizing. Virtualizing means creating a simulation or virtual version of something, and I/O is input/output, or the relationship between the product and the people using it.

When the I/O performance is too slow, the company is dealing with an I/O bottleneck. Condusiv’s V-locity helps to speed up systems by 50% to 300% by reducing inefficiencies that can slow down performance. This may be the solution for businesses facing the I/O bottleneck issues that arise from virtualizing.

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