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Composition for Nature Photographs

Nature Photographs pic

Nature Photographs

Accomplished computer programmer Craig Jensen serves as the founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation, one of the IT industry’s most successful software companies. When he’s not busy guiding and directing the company to help customers, Craig Jensen enjoys photography and is particularly fond of photographing nature.

Many individuals may disregard the composition of a photograph, but it actually plays a major role in creating a powerful nature image. Below are just a few ideas for photographers as they seek out the right composition for their next nature photograph:

Look for geometry: even without an awe-inspiring background, nature photographers can create a unique image by looking for shapes, patterns, and lines in their frame. These geometric items lead the viewers’ eye to particular areas while highlighting the unique dimensions of the subjects.

Focus on the foreground: foregrounds are a great way to enhance a photograph’s composition and depth. They add a point of reference for the viewers that can help them feel the power of the primary subject.

Avoid the horizon merge: when the horizon intersects with a photograph’s subject, it can distract the viewer and draw attention away from the photo’s focus. Photographers can avoid these merges by moving their frame in varying directions until they get the right lines.

Add energy: using lines and shapes that point in varying directions create a sense of energy in the photograph. This energy often translates to a more dynamic and impactful picture. However, photographers must be careful about adding energy because it can be overdone.


Photography Basics: How to Hold your DSLR



Computer programmer, entrepreneur, and business executive Craig C. Jensen serves as founder and chair of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly Diskeeper Corporation). Craig Jensen authored the bestselling defragmentation software Diskeeper in 1986. He enjoys photography in his spare time.

It can feel awkward to hold a DSLR when you’re first starting out. Rest the lens in your left hand, with your right hand gripping the side of the camera and your index finger on the shutter control. This position allows easy access to both the back panel and the shutter button and makes for quick adjustments to the lens for focus. Press the viewfinder to your eyebrow to view subjects and steady the camera.

Aim to minimize movement while shooting. Keep your legs in a wide stance with knees slightly bent, bringing one foot forward if you are leaning into a shot. Relax your elbows and tuck them into your body. You may find leaning onto a table with your elbows or against a wall will be helpful to reduce motion. When kneeling, bring one knee up in front and rest an elbow on your knee for more stability. Finally, breathe out when taking photos, rather than in or holding your breath. A controlled exhalation equals less movement and a better shot.

Exhibit Showcases Portrait Photography By Craig Jensen

About Face pic

About Face

The photography exhibit “About Face” was held at Pier 24 in San Francisco. The show features nearly 1,000 portraits taken from the mid-1800s to today.

Running through February 2013, the exhibit showcases the work of Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman, Richard Avedon, and other leading photographers and artists. The show features shots by Dorothea Lange, including “Migrant Mother,” which is regarded as one the country’s most famous depictions of rural life. In one area of the gallery, more than 100 photos by Hans-Peter Feldmann trace the human life span from beginning to end. The show also presents the work of up-and-comers such as Lucas Foglia.

About the Author

Inventor and entrepreneur Craig Jensen founded and runs Condusiv Technologies Corporation (previously known as Diskeeper Corporation), an international company that develops and markets computer defragmentation software. He spends his spare time pursuing his interest in photography.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Camera Phone Standardization By Craig Jensen

Consisting of members from across the world, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) serves as the world’s largest professional organization for those involved in technology. Since its creation in 1884, IEEE has remained at the forefront of technological developments. In May 2012, the group began to devote attention to camera phone standardization.

Although many smartphones boast about the quality of their pictures, many users have recognized that different phones with allegedly the same capabilities can produce significantly different results. Following the International Imaging Industry Association’s report on these issues, IEEE developed the Draft Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality. The document represents IEEE’s first step in promoting the standardization of the data and metrics used to describe the abilities of camera phones. If it is adopted, consumers and retailers will be better able to understand this feature on their mobile devices.

About the Author:

A member of IEEE, Craig Jensen has served as founder and Chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly Diskeeper Corporation) and its multinational affiliates for more than three decades.