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Downhill Skiing Tips for Beginners

Downhill Skiing pic

Downhill Skiing

Craig Jensen is a computer programmer, business executive, and entrepreneur. Founder and Chair of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly Diskeeper Corporation), Craig Jensen authored bestselling defragmentation software Diskeeper in 1986. He enjoys challenging himself to learn new things and took up skiing at age 43.

When learning to ski, experts recommend taking lessons from an experienced instructor, which gives you the benefit of safety, quality instruction, and faster improvement. Resorts that promote family programs, ski schools, and have excellent ski slope grooming are often great places for beginners. To keep things simple when you’re first starting out, you can purchase package deals that include equipment rentals and lift tickets.

Invest in quality equipment such as a sturdy and warm jacket, snow pants, ski boots, goggles, and a helmet; these can be rented or purchased. Beginners can benefit from learning proper form. Keep your eyes well ahead instead of on the tips of your skis to avoid accidents. Remember, new skiers fall frequently. If you fall, try to fall to the side as much as possible to prevent injury and twisting. Start with beginner runs and slow lifts in order to build confidence and skill. Practice patience and keep your expectations reasonable for the best experience learning to ski. Most of all, have fun!


Enjoying Skiing

Craig Jensen pc

Craig Jensen

The founder of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (, formerly Diskeeper Corporation, Craig Jensen leverages his expertise in computer programming to help customers accelerate performance of Microsoft Windows servers.

Aside from his career, Craig Jensen ( enjoys skiing. Though he rarely competes, he finds skiing through the trees high in the mountains to be an activity that is both relaxing and exhilarating. “Whether cruising a glade or dropping into a chute,” he says, “I find myself 100% in the moment and hyper-aware of the world around me.”

Craig recommends skiing to one and all. As the great ski-filmmaker Warren Miller says about going skiing, “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”