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The Computer History Museum’s First Exhibit of 2017

Computer History Museum pic

Computer History Museum
Image: computerhistory.org

Since programming his first computer in 1968, Craig Jensen has become the founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly, Diskeeper Corporation). In addition, Mr. Jensen supports and donates to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. One of the museum’s upcoming exhibits aims to highlight software and its monumental impact on the world.

Like a love letter to software developers like Jensen, the Make Software: Change the World! exhibition unfolds in January 2017. Make Software will showcase software’s impact on humanity through seven key software developments: car crash simulation, mp3, MRI, Photoshop, text messaging, Wikipedia, and the video game World of Warcraft.

Visitors will learn about the people who developed these technologies, who the technologies have impacted, and how software has changed the world. The interactive exhibit was created for middle school to adult visitors, including families. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a software lab that allows guests to get hands-on experience by actually doing some coding.