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Gelato vs. Ice Cream

Gelato vs. Ice Cream pic

Gelato vs. Ice Cream
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The founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation Europe, Craig Jensen spearheads a variety of initiatives to help clients make the most of their enterprise server systems. Outside of the professional environment, Craig Jensen is a trained gelato master who is skilled in the creation of the frozen Italian dessert.

While ice cream has traditionally been far more popular in the United States, Americans are increasingly discovering the joys of gelato. While both begin with milk and sugar, gelato differs from ice cream in several key respects.

First and foremost, gelato is quite a bit smoother and silkier. It is also creamier and denser than American ice cream, which is surprising, as it actually contains more milk and less cream than ice cream. Unlike ice cream, it also contains no egg yolks. This lack of cream and egg yolks creates a treat that contains less than half the fat of the typical ice cream.

Aficionados also serve gelato and ice cream at significantly different temperatures. In general, Italian gelato is served 10 to 15 degrees warmer than ice cream. This prevents a numb mouth and tongue that is unable to fully enjoys gelato’s many sweet flavors.