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Photography Basics: How to Hold your DSLR


Image: digital-photography-school.com

Computer programmer, entrepreneur, and business executive Craig C. Jensen serves as founder and chair of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly Diskeeper Corporation). Craig Jensen authored the bestselling defragmentation software Diskeeper in 1986. He enjoys photography in his spare time.

It can feel awkward to hold a DSLR when you’re first starting out. Rest the lens in your left hand, with your right hand gripping the side of the camera and your index finger on the shutter control. This position allows easy access to both the back panel and the shutter button and makes for quick adjustments to the lens for focus. Press the viewfinder to your eyebrow to view subjects and steady the camera.

Aim to minimize movement while shooting. Keep your legs in a wide stance with knees slightly bent, bringing one foot forward if you are leaning into a shot. Relax your elbows and tuck them into your body. You may find leaning onto a table with your elbows or against a wall will be helpful to reduce motion. When kneeling, bring one knee up in front and rest an elbow on your knee for more stability. Finally, breathe out when taking photos, rather than in or holding your breath. A controlled exhalation equals less movement and a better shot.