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The Computer History Museum’s Online Exhibits

Computer History Museum pic

Computer History Museum
Image: computerhistory.org

Programmer, entrepreneur, and author Craig Jensen is the founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation (formerly, Diskeeper Corporation). Mr. Jensen’s profession and personal life are deeply rooted in computers. He contributes to his community by supporting the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Much of what the museum has to offer is available to visitors online at: computerhistory.org/exhibits/online.

The Computer History Museum’s website features a number of online exhibits detailing various aspects of the history of the computer. It explores topics from the abacus to the Internet through text, images, downloadable documents, videos and even software. The Timeline of Computer History exhibit offers a detailed look at many different aspects of computer history such as graphics and games, artificial intelligence, and how computers have affected popular culture.

Some exhibits are designed to complement exhibits actually found in the museum while others are exclusive to the Internet. Certain exhibits provide links to an online forum where you can express your own opinion on the topic, like the Mastering the Game exhibit on computer chess.

Even if you can’t make it to Mountain View, the Computer History Museum’s online offering enables anyone, regardless of location, to walk through the digital annals of computer history. All you need to visit the museum is an Internet connection.