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Keep Your PC Running Smoothly – First Steps

Condusiv Technologies Corporation pic

Condusiv Technologies Corporation
Image: condusiv.com

As the founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies (formerly Diskeeper Corporation), Craig Jensen oversees the ongoing development of his company’s widely used software. Although primarily intended for corporate servers, Craig Jensen’s software also helps PC owners keep their machines running quickly and efficiently.

If you are experiencing a slow PC, you may want to try these solutions as a first step.

1. Clean up your computer. Delete duplicate files, old emails, and applications you never use. Remember to empty the trash when finished. Any bit of space you can clear up on the hard drive will help your computer run faster.

2. Defragment your hard drive. An essential part of good computer hygiene for PC users, defragging the hard drive will compact the data on it and allow your computer to find that data again faster than before.

3. Remove startup programs you don’t absolutely need. There is no reason your computer needs to slog through opening dozens of programs upon startup if you do not need them. Just be sure you keep the programs your computer requires to run.

If you are not comfortable performing these steps on your own, or if your computer still lags after you have taken these actions, consider paying for software designed to improve performance. Diskeeper is one popular option among PC owners.