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Fundamental Tenets of Scientology


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Image: scientology.org

An entrepreneur in the technology sector, Craig Jensen stands out as the founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporation and Condusiv Technologies Corporation Europe. In his personal life, Craig Jensen belongs to the Church of Scientology and has volunteered with the church’s chapters in California and other states.

Scientology is a religion of knowledge. Coined from the Latin root “scio,” or “the fullest kind of knowing,” and the Greek word “logos,” meaning “the study of,” Scientology focuses on studying how to develop knowledge. This stems from the fundamental belief that human beings have an unlimited capacity to reach new states of awareness and know their true spiritual nature, as it exists in relationship to the universe and the Supreme Being.

Because Scientology is based on learning, it does not require its adherents to accept any ideas without question. Instead, it invites people to be curious and to follow a path of education that leads to their own understanding of these relationships. The learning path centers on the spirit, rather than the body or mind, and encourages seekers to engage with Scientology’s diverse body of knowledge.

Through this learning, Scientologists come to know that humans are immortal spiritual beings who are basically good. In that way, they are the agents of their own spiritual well-being, which also depends upon a willingness to develop connections with their fellow humans. The striving for this oneness and understanding has made Scientology the first religion to apply Western logical thought to the existential questions that have captured the imagination of human beings through the ages.