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The Basic Binary Language of Computers

Condusiv Technologies Corporation pic

Condusiv Technologies Corporation
Image: condusiv.com

With decades of experience in computer systems and programming, Craig Jensen serves as the founder and chair of Condusiv Technology Corporation. Craig Jensen is also a supporter of the Computer History Museum, a nonprofit organization in Mountain View, California, that seeks to preserve technological history.

Today, computers accomplish tasks as varied as monitoring patient vital signs to determining which news stories are trending on social media. However, the earliest electronic computers, which appeared in the 1940s, were merely calculators that relied on logical and mathematical principals.

The math that undergirded those early calculators is the same math that makes modern computing possible. Called “binary math,” it relies on sequences of 1s and 0s represented by electronic transistors in either “on” or “off” positions. Using this binary language, computers can represent and process an enormous amount of information.